How to configure outgoing emails in Dynamics 365

Problem: User cannot send emails from Dynamics 365

Resolution: Configure outgoing mailbox

Detail Solution:

If you want to send an email from Dynamics 365 CRM, then you should configure the emails in CRM. Sometimes, if you have a workflow that needs to send an email to the customer from a particular email address, you must configure the outgoing of that email address.

There is a setting in CRM, which is called Email Configuration under Settings -> System -> Email Configuration. Here you can configure the mailbox, that you want to use for sending emails.


  • Make sure the user has Office 365 licence for Emails (exchange, outlook)
  • User configuring the outgoing emails should have the Office 365 Administrator and Dynamics 365 Administrator role. (I did it with my Global Admin role)


  • Now go to Mailboxes


  • Open User’s mailbox and click “Approve email”


  • After approval, click “Test & Enable Mailbox”. This will run a configuration test and user will receive a test email


  • After the test is completed, the Outgoing Email Status should be “Success”


  • Now the user can send emails from Dynamics 365
  • The end


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