How to remove GUID from a folder name in Dynamics 365?

When you enable SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365, then you can store documents in SharePoint and these documents will be visible in Dynamics 365 under that particular record. For example, if you create a new Customer “ABC” and you open its “Document” folder. There will be some GUID in the name of the folder like this “ABC_8a56d1a4-4e3a-4fd3-9fd7-9588431a1ac0”. In order to remove the GUID, you can follow below steps: I have tried these steps and it works.

1 – Open a browser and install the OrgDB solution, from this website
2 – The name of the solution is “”
3 – Now open your Dynamics sandbox instance, and import this solution. Settings -> Solution -> Import. Then publish the solution
4 – On the same Solutions page, open this solution by double clicking it
5 – Locate the “CreateSPFoldersUsingNameandGuid” and then click the “Add” link, then “Edit” and then change the Current Value from true to false

6 – Close the solution
7 – Publish the customisation
8 – All done

This will publish the customisations. Now if you click the “Document” of any record, it will create a folder name without the GUID. This will happen, only for the new Document folders. For old folders, you can manually change the name of the folder.


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