How to send an invitation code to the Microsoft CRM Portal User for registration

Problem: How to send an invitation code to the Microsoft CRM Portal User for registration

Solution: Create a custom solution with workflows and entities. Use Contact and Invitation entity.



  1. User configuring the system is the Global Administrator
  2. Microsoft CRM Portals add on is configured
  3. Customer Self Service portal is switched on

Please follow below steps:

  1. Create a CRM Solution “Portal User Registration”


2. Create a new entity Portal User Registration

Note: you can use Contact entity as well, I have created a fresh one for testing purpose


3. Include Contact and Invitation entity with minimum components, in the solution.

4. Create a fresh Contact Form “Demo Contact Form”

5. I have created a Demo Contact Form as below, that I will use in the Portal’s Web Page. For simplicity I have added First Name, Last Name and Email address that I will use in the Registration page


6. Now create two workflows

  • Send Invitation
  • Demo Registration Invitation

7. Send Invitation Workflow




Note: use your instance url instead of


8. Demo Registration Invitation: Create a workflow at the organization level with below configuration





9. Now save and activate the workflow

10. Create a new web page “Registration”, but before that create

  • Entity Form
  • Entity List

11. Entity Form: Associate the “Demo Contact Form” that you created previously in this form as below


12. Entity List: Create Entity List as below


13. Create a new page “Registration” in the Portals as a “Web Page”. And add Entity List and Entity Form, that you just created


14. Save and the end

Now lets do some testing:

  1. Now the configurations are done and I will test the Registration page
  2. I will go to my CRM Portal URL, and register a fresh contact <>



3. When I click Submit, I see this page. Now I will check my emails to see the invitation code


4. Click on the link and it will take you to the invitation page (Note: don’t worry about the Sign in or Register link – I haven’t hidden these two links)


5. Register and this will take you to the profile page. Enter Username, Password and click Register (Note: don’t worry about the Azure AD button or Register or Sign in link – I haven’t hidden it here)


6. Fill in the details and click Register


7. This will take you to the Profile page, enter the details below and Update your details. You can also confirm your email address


8. I have used entity form for above, if you want to use validation and rules on the form then you can create “Web Form”.

9. The end.

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