Quick Tip – How to bulk close your cases in Dynamics 365 – Customer Service?

As an IT Help desk agent, at times you want to close cases in bulk. Out of the box, there isn’t any button or option that you can select and do this job.

I have written an on demand work flow, that will help close the cases in bulk.


Problem: You want to close cases in bulk and there is no option for that in Dynamics 365

Solution: Write an on-demand workflow

Steps to write a workflow:

  1. Create an on-demand workflow
  2. Give your workflow a name
  3. check the box “As an on demand work flow”
  4. Set scope to Organization
  5. Add a step -> Change Status003
  6. Change Record Status of Cases to “Problem Solved”
  7. Save and Activate
  8. Your workflow should look like this002
  9. Then go to your Case entity and select “All Cases” View, select the cases that you want to close in bulk and then click the three dots004
  10. Now, click the option “Run Workflow”. And look in the on Demand Workflows, and pick the one you just created. Add and Select Ok.005
  11. The end, in this way you can close Cases in bulk.




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