How to get a list of Entities and attributes from a Solution?

Dynamics 365 Functional Consultants can get a list of the entities using XRM tool box plug in “Metadata Document Generator”. Sometimes it is a requirement that in the CRM design document Consultants capture all the entities and attributes for customer. So instead of typing the names and attributes, you can run this plugin and get the list with the attributes like below:

1 – Install XRM tool box

2- Open XRM Toolbox and “Connect” to your CRM instance

3 – Go to Configuration-> Tools -> type in “Metadata Document Generator” and install the plugin

Note: I have already installed that is why it is greyed out


4 – Open the plugin and Load Entities, from a solution if you like. Select one or more entities. I will pick “Invoice” entity here from Field Service Solution


5 – Give it a file path name (like excel)


6 – Click Generate Document


7 – Go to your file path location and open the excel sheet, you will see list of entities and its attributes, neat and clean


8 – Copy paste in your design document

9 – End



Link to the plugin:


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