MS Dynamics 365 – Product Bug in v8.2 – Cannot create a project based quote


MS Dynamics 365 provides seamless integration between Office 365 apps and SharePoint Project documents, i love the feature of schedule board and importing outlook appointments in the time sheet. But on the other hand Dynamics 365 needs alot of improvement on the User interface and bug resolution. I am using CRM and Project Services Automation in Dynamics 365 version 8.2. The version 9.0 is planned to roll out in Australia, from Feb-2018 on wards.

There is a serious product bug in the MS Dynamics 365 version 8.2 that i am facing, in the Quote module. I am already working with Microsoft, and there hasn’t been any resolution or root cause analysis for this product bug. The way forward is to wait for the Dynamics product upgrade to version 9.0 in March 2018.

In this blog, I will discuss the bug and hope to get feedback from the community, if anyone is facing the same issue.

Definition of the bug:

Cannot create a project based quote


When creating a new project based quote, the Quoteline Project Information view gives error on save event. The error is ” The following error occurred: Missing Quantity“. Please see the snapshot below:

Quoteline error.jpg

Case steps:

1  – I created a new quote in MS Dynamics 365, under Sales

2 – I filled in all the details on the Quote dashboard (Summary tab)

3 – Under Quote lines, I created a new Project-based line item, by selecting the + sign on the right side

4 – When I clicked the plus sign, another window opens with a form. The form is Quoteline: Information

Note: If I try to change the default view to “Quoteline: Project Information”, in the customisation – this view runs in an infinite loop. The loop starts, as soon as i click the + sign in the Project-based line item. The view loops between Quoteline: Information view and Quoteline: Project Information view

5 – Now,  I changed the view of the form from Quoteline: Information to Quoteline: Project Information

6 – I filled in the details

  • Product type as Project based service
  • Lookup for the Quote name (this I have to manually select, it doesn’t come automatically)
  • Define the name of the Quoteline
  • define billing method as time and materials
  • Click Save

7 – When I clicked save, I received the error The following error occurred: Missing Quantity and the view changes to Quoteline: Information

8 – However, I have selected the Quoteline: Project Information view and Quantity field is not even a mandatory field

9  – After this error, if i try to change the view from Quoteline : Information to Quoteline: Project Information, it loops back to the Quoteline: Information view, with the error as belowQuoteline error

10 – I cannot create a quote

11 – I closed the quote page

Resolution by Microsoft:

None so far

Root Cause Analysis:


Way forward:

To upgrade Dynamics 365 environment to version 9.0 and check with Microsoft again.



Time Entry Form – Dynamics 365 – Limitations


With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 becoming popular day by day, the software still has some limitations.

I have my Dynamics 365 subscription and I am still on the 8.2 version, as 9.0 version is not available in Oceania yet. I have been struggling to customise the “Time Entry Form” in Dynamics 365 as per business rule but no luck in this case due to product design limitation.

The “Type” field in the “Time Entry” entity cannot be customised, it has 3 option sets namely:

1 – Work

2 – Absence

3 – Vacation

We can only rename these option sets and cannot add a new option set in this entity, as I tried adding few non-billable option sets but that would always come up with a billable form with Project and Tasks fields, and not work accurately.

This link states that the July-2017 update can allow customers to add new Time Entry Types for PSA and CRM administrator can modify the java script: msdyn_/Common/Models/OptionSets/TimeEntryType.js and add new option set items accordingly there after customized the Time Entry Optionset in CRM.

We have to wait for Microsoft to get the updates deployed in Oceania Region and we dont have a definite date for that unfortunately.

Content Editor and Script Editor Web Part missing in SharePoint Online Root Site Collection


In my SharePoint Online Root Site Collection, I couldn’t see the Content Editor and Script Editor web part. I followed below steps and then I was able to see these 2 web parts immediately:

1- Make sure you are the Global Administrator and Local Administrator of office 365 and your local machine (as we will be running SharePoint Online Management Shell as Administrator)

2 – Log in to Office 365

3 –  Go to your Root Site Collection ( and under Site Settings activate below:

Site Settings -> Site Actions -> Manage Site Features -> SharePoint Server Publishing (Activate it)

Site Settings -> Site Collection Administration -> Site collection features -> SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure (Activate it)

4 – You need to enable Custom Scripts as well on your Site Collection, which can be done through your SharePoint Admin Portal -> Settings ->Custom Script

Prevent users from running custom script on personal sites
 Allow users to run custom script on personal sites

 Prevent users from running custom script on self-service created sites
 Allow users to run custom script on self-service created sites

This will take effect in 24 or 48 hours.


you can run below script to activate it immediately (i ran the below script)

$userCredential = Get-Credential -UserName $adminUPN -Message “Enter password”
Connect-SPOService -Url -Credential $userCredential
Set-SPOsite -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0

After you follow the above procedure, then you should see Content Editor and Script Editor web part under Media and Content on the Root Site Collection.

Why Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Technical Support Model doesn’t work?


Microsoft has a Support Model for Dynamics 365 and if there is any issue that the customer needs support they can contact Microsoft, but unfortunately the model is very complex and doesn’t work all the time for me. Most of the Microsoft Dynamics Support Links, Telephone Numbers and Chat options doesn’t resolve the issue. There is a separate Department that handles Dynamics Support Tickets and reaching them directly is very challenging. I have been lucky few times but most of the times have been struggling.

If you have to log a Dynamics 365 Ticket, this could be done:

1 – Log a Ticket in the Office 365 Admin Portal, which means you need to be a Global Admin of your Company

2 – Wait for a Office 365 Support Representative to call you, they will call with in 10 minutes

3 – Office 365 Support Representative will route you to a new page to seek help from there as Dynamics Support is handled by different department. The link they would share is: which has different support options

4 – The Dynamics Support Page has 4 options for Customers, but unfortunately none of these work most of the time:

  • Sending a request to Dynamics Team to Contact you, you can fill a form several times but its hard that you will receive any call
  • Chat option – the Chat option is actually quite nice but unfortunately they dont have Technical Resources or Ticketing System that they can assist with so this is also not an option
  • Giving a call on 1800-765-138, this number doesn’t work 100% or even if you are lucky enough to get in touch with a person, you will be routed to a new number, for Australian Support may be 131630 or 02 82239959, and the support representative will route you to the same page
  • Other Popular Resources are Internet Search, Microsoft Dynamics Community which works for me most of the time, as Microsoft Community is very strong and they have answers to most of the question

5 – Recently I have been advised to use these links and for logging a ticket I need to have Microsoft Partner ID and Software Assurance ID and I have none. The link is OR And even if I have the IDs I cannot log in to the portal because it doesn’t work with Office 365 credentials, works fine with the live or personal id.

The Microsoft Dynamics Support Model is complex and doesn’t work unfortunately, every one is just routing phone calls and emails & doing follow ups.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ideal Product for a Business who wants to run their business efficiently and economically, but I find it hard to get hold of Microsoft Support System. There could be several reasons for that, Dynamics 365 is a new Product and expertise are being built in the IT World, Customers are in the process of Digital Transformation and they need support to change, in Dynamics 365 specially in PSA – there are few things that needs support and clarity and Dynamics Resources around the world are doing a great job in writing blogs & helping the community, But there are certain Subscription related and new updates related Technical issue that needs Microsoft Support, which is lacking at the moment. In my opinion if Microsoft has outsourced the Dynamics Support System then they should have a Direct Help desk Number or a Ticketing Portal from where Admins can log a ticket in a simple manner.

I hope that Microsoft may improve the support model for their customers in future for Dynamics 365.



How to delete Sample Data from Dynamics 365?


This post details how you can delete Sample Data from Dynamics 365, when you activate its license in your Office 365 Subscription.

1 – Log in to your Office 365 Admin Portal (

2 – Go to your Dynamics 365 App (

3 – Now, under Settings -> Systems -> Data Management ->Sample Data. Click “Remove Sample Data” and Close. It should delete your data

The End.


4 – If it doesn’t work, then you need to reset your Dynamics 365 Instance. This is a known Microsoft Issue, and specially if you are using Field Services Module

5 – Go to your Dynamics 365 Admin Page, and change the Type of this instance to “Sand boxed”

6 – Now, on the right side of this instance there is an option of reset, use that to reset the instance.

7 – Install the solution that you want Sales, Services and Project Services.  (If you select Field Services, the Sample Data might come again and there is no way to delete that)

8 – Resetting your instance will delete all the data and customization, so ensure that there isn’t any live data and customization

9 – You can change the Instance type of your Dynamics 365 Instance as Production and start using the system with your production data

The End.


How to associate a Parent Company with a Customer in Dynamics 365?


When you are creating a new Customer in Dynamics 365 CRM, and if you want to associate its Parent Company then you can follow below steps,

1 – Log in to your page and click your company app.

2 – Then you would need to click Sales then Accounts, and Create a new account.

3 – Create Parent Company  and define the Relationship as Customer. In this example Department of Education and Training is my test customer and a Parent Company. Click Save and Close now

4 – Now, create a new Child Company in a similar manner but define name of the Parent Company in the Customer page and associate with it, under Parent Account. Click Save and Close

5 – Define other details if you want to.

I have created an example using Department of Education and Training as Parent Company and Victorian School Building Authority as child Customer. These are my test customers.


SharePoint Online – New Communication Sites Review



So I have tested the new Communication Site in SharePoint Online which is pretty good. It has nice images, content editing features and most of all the Hero Web Part which is a way to editing page layout and inserting images. All these features are already in a team site, Microsoft has consolidated these features in a new web part and named it as “Hero Web Part”. I tested the new Communication Site to be the face of my Collaboration Platform and from where users can navigate to different sites and team sites, but unfortunately I couldn’t keep the branding and look & feel the same as it is. In Team Site I am using the Built in “Change the Look” feature, while in Communication Site this is entirely different so if a user navigates from Communication Site to a Team Site the branding is lost for me and I cant keep the scheme same, if I am using Microsoft features and no other customisation / Master Pages Layouts.

I might be still using my Team Site as the Top Level Collaboration Site to keep branding and layout same throughout my SharePoint Product.