Dynamics 365 – IT Help desk – How to send an email, when a case is assigned to an engineer?

In Dynamics 365, I have configured IT Help desk by picking up the Customer Service module.

I have a business requirement, that my engineer should receive an email, as soon as the case is assigned to him/her. The case is assigned by IT Help desk agent.

For this requirement, I have setup a workflow in Dynamics 365. Below are the steps to create a workflow:

1 – Open your Dynamics 365 instance

2 – Go to Settings -> Customization -> Process

3 – Create a new process. Category will be “Workflow” and entity will be “Case”


4 –  Now, change the scope to “Organisation”, check the box “Record is assigned”, Add a step and pick the “Send email” option. As below:



5 – Now, write some description so that you dont forget the purpose of this email. Now, click “Set Properties” and add your email content.


6 – Now, add the Owners email address, so that the engineer receives email. The engineer will be the owner of the case, once the IT Helpdesk agent assigns the case to him / her. Similarly, you can pick and choose dynamic values from the right hand side and add to your email.


7 – In the end, your email should look, something like this:

I have a dynamic subject line and an email content. Click Save and Close.


8 – Again click Save and Close, and then “Activate” your workflow. Once the workflow is activated, you cannot modify the workflow.

Now, you can test your work flow by assigning a case to yourself.

Bonus Tip: If you have “tracking token” option enabled in your Email settings. You will see an activity id (CRM:0001070) with every email you receive from the CRM. And this id keeps on increasing, therefore it might be confusing, for the user – that if its a case ID or anything else.

This happened to me, so I deactivated this setting by going to Settings -> Administration ->System Settings ->Email -> in the Configure folder-level tracking and email correlation area,  I unchecked the option of use tracking token.


After executing the above action the activity id was gone from the email, phew!


In this way, you can create your workflows and email content using the Dynamics 365 functionality.


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