How I configured IT Assets for IT Helpdesk in Dynamics 365?

I have Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement plan subscription. And I am using IT Help desk in Services module. I can create help desk cases, incidents, changes and problems. Things are going well. This is our internal IT help desk system and I don’t plan to subscribe for Finance and Operations at the moment.

So, now I want an IT Customer Asset list, where I can manage and store information about customer’s laptops, mobile phones, tablets, printers, network equipment, server equipment and other IT assets. I also want to maintain historical records for the assets, to see, which person has got the laptop and phone – and after that person’s resignation, to whom to assign these devices. Since I don’t have Finance and Operations, therefore I have to use current system to store the information some where. Plus, all of my users are not computer users, they might have a phone only or a finger scanner device.

To solve this problem, I picked up the Customer Assets entity and used it to manage my  IT Assets.

I configured Customer Assets entity, and also few relevant fields to store the IT assets information. I also activated the audit management for this entity, so that I can see the asset transfer easily. I added a new user field “Asset User” and then I can check the audit logs.

By creating few relationships between Customer Assets and Cases,

  1. I can see how many cases are open for that particular IT asset.
  2. Also on the Contacts page, I can see how many assets the person has and how many cases the contact has opened.

I am using Contacts, instead of users because, not everyone has the Dynamics 365 license and not all of my users are computer users. Therefore Contacts are the best way to go.

In this way I am catering the requirement, for managing IT Assets and the association between IT Assets, Cases and Contacts.

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