MS Dynamics 365 – Product Bug in v8.2 – Cannot create a project based quote

MS Dynamics 365 provides seamless integration between Office 365 apps and SharePoint Project documents, i love the feature of schedule board and importing outlook appointments in the time sheet. But on the other hand Dynamics 365 needs alot of improvement on the User interface and bug resolution. I am using CRM and Project Services Automation in Dynamics 365 version 8.2. The version 9.0 is planned to roll out in Australia, from Feb-2018 on wards.

There is a serious product bug in the MS Dynamics 365 version 8.2 that i am facing, in the Quote module. I am already working with Microsoft, and there hasn’t been any resolution or root cause analysis for this product bug. The way forward is to wait for the Dynamics product upgrade to version 9.0 in March 2018.

In this blog, I will discuss the bug and hope to get feedback from the community, if anyone is facing the same issue.

Definition of the bug:

Cannot create a project based quote


When creating a new project based quote, the Quoteline Project Information view gives error on save event. The error is ” The following error occurred: Missing Quantity“. Please see the snapshot below:

Quoteline error.jpg

Case steps:

1  – I created a new quote in MS Dynamics 365, under Sales

2 – I filled in all the details on the Quote dashboard (Summary tab)

3 – Under Quote lines, I created a new Project-based line item, by selecting the + sign on the right side

4 – When I clicked the plus sign, another window opens with a form. The form is Quoteline: Information

Note: If I try to change the default view to “Quoteline: Project Information”, in the customisation – this view runs in an infinite loop. The loop starts, as soon as i click the + sign in the Project-based line item. The view loops between Quoteline: Information view and Quoteline: Project Information view

5 – Now,  I changed the view of the form from Quoteline: Information to Quoteline: Project Information

6 – I filled in the details

  • Product type as Project based service
  • Lookup for the Quote name (this I have to manually select, it doesn’t come automatically)
  • Define the name of the Quoteline
  • define billing method as time and materials
  • Click Save

7 – When I clicked save, I received the error The following error occurred: Missing Quantity and the view changes to Quoteline: Information

8 – However, I have selected the Quoteline: Project Information view and Quantity field is not even a mandatory field

9  – After this error, if i try to change the view from Quoteline : Information to Quoteline: Project Information, it loops back to the Quoteline: Information view, with the error as belowQuoteline error

10 – I cannot create a quote

11 – I closed the quote page

Resolution by Microsoft:

None so far

Root Cause Analysis:


Way forward:

To upgrade Dynamics 365 environment to version 9.0 and check with Microsoft again.


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