Time Entry Form – Dynamics 365 – Limitations

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 becoming popular day by day, the software still has some limitations.

I have my Dynamics 365 subscription and I am still on the 8.2 version, as 9.0 version is not available in Oceania yet. I have been struggling to customise the “Time Entry Form” in Dynamics 365 as per business rule but no luck in this case due to product design limitation.

The “Type” field in the “Time Entry” entity cannot be customised, it has 3 option sets namely:

1 – Work

2 – Absence

3 – Vacation

We can only rename these option sets and cannot add a new option set in this entity, as I tried adding few non-billable option sets but that would always come up with a billable form with Project and Tasks fields, and not work accurately.

This link states that the July-2017 update can allow customers to add new Time Entry Types for PSA and CRM administrator can modify the java script: msdyn_/Common/Models/OptionSets/TimeEntryType.js and add new option set items accordingly there after customized the Time Entry Optionset in CRM.

We have to wait for Microsoft to get the updates deployed in Oceania Region and we dont have a definite date for that unfortunately.

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