Office 365 Series – Episode 002 – Getting to know Admin Dashboard, Setup and Users

Welcome back.  This is the episode number 2 for the Office 365 deployment and we are at the test run trial of the Office 365 site.

We have created a test site “” and we will now explore the Admin Centre, Dashboards, Setup and User options from there. I will also discuss how we can add users in bulk in Office 365.

Please open your browser and type the url “”, and now log in through your Microsoft Id and password. My id is

After logging in your will see the below page:


Click on Admin Link and it will take you to the admin page as below:


Lets discuss each one by one:


In the Service Overview Section, you can see the :

  • Health Check of your Services
  • Planned Maintenance if any by Microsoft
  • Services Health and Requests
  • Mail Protection and Message Centre (new updates notification from Microsoft and what is happening)
  • Included Services (for example activating Yammer)





Click Setup on the top left side:



and then you will see below 2 options:


  • The Basic Setup allows you a fresh installation and you can make new users and new mailboxes. Thus everything new.
  • In the Advanced Setup option, we can migrate emails and setup directory synchronization i.e. Active Directory synchronization between on premises and Office 365.

We will discuss this more, when talking about migrating users and mail boxes & creating federated services.


This is a very important section as the users are listed here and we can configure below from this section:

  • Single sign-on
  • Active Directory synchronization
  • Change the password expiration policy for users
  • Set Multi-factor authentication requirements

We will discuss this when talking about AD synchronization DirSync and Single Sign on. Interesting topics.



And there are different kind of users as well.


Now let’s try adding bulk users and assigning them licenses, follow the below steps please:

008 009

010 011 012 013 014 015

There are also Deleted Users and Partner Relationships Users. The Partner Relationships one are for the external partners like for example if your Office 365 is managed by Microsoft Cloud Partner then they would need a delegated admin id.

This is all for today, stay tuned for more Office 365 stuff!!

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