Office 365 Series – Episode 001 – Office 365 Licensing Plan & Free Trial account

Hello Everyone, I was thinking to write and share a step by step approach for Organizations and System Administrators who want to use or deploy Office 365 OR even migrate to Office 365 from old systems. I am thinking on a series of blogs so this is Episode 001, I will be publishing the Episode 002 pretty soon.

This episode is a step by step guide how to deploy Office 365 in your organization.

First of all Office 365 is not a single thing, it’s a pool of softwares and applications. Office 365 means that you can access your office anytime and from everywhere in all days i.e. 365 days. Office 365 is a like a bundle of services that you can use, in it you have Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CRM Dynamics, SharePoint, Exchange, Intune, Bing, Skype for Business – thus everything.

So if you are a company  IT Administrator, and you are exploring Office 365 and its products you can follow below steps and discuss with your management on its feasibility to deploy:

Step # 1

First thing first, I would like you to go to this url and select which type of Office 365 plan you want for your company:

Step # 2:

We are selecting the Business plan for Office 365, there are plans available for home users also.

  • Please see the top black color bar.
  • After you have selected the plan, now you should test drive it by making a free account and test for 30 days. In this example the scenario is

“Testing and trying Office 365 independently, without purchasing the license from Microsoft or Microsoft’s Partner”


Step # 3:

After accessing the link, click on ” Learn more” option under Office 365 Enterprise E3


Step # 4:

Now, click on Free Trial. We will have a test drive first and then in the coming episodes I will share with you, how you can deploy it in your organization.


Step # 5:

Fill in the details in the next step as:

  • Please note that the below details cannot be changed.
  • If in case you want to change anything, you would need to contact Microsoft.
  • If for example you want to change Country Name, then you would need to purchase an other subscription as this will be wasted.
  • So please be careful while putting the details.


Step # 6:

  • Now put in your user name and company name, if you are lucky it will be available or if it is taken then you need to change your company name, yes change the company name on this site.
  • In this example I have used the company name as blueballoons, so if someone else will now try to make an account with this company name, it will through an error message and you would need to choose a fresh new name.


Step # 7:

Now put your mobile number, and click Text me. You will receive a sms with a code, that you would need to put on the next page.


Step # 8:

Put the received code here and click Create my account.


Step # 9:

Congratulations, your account is now created. You can save the information for future and you are ready to go. Click the You’re ready to go link


Step # 10:

It will take some time to provision the services and software applications on the Office 365 admin portal as below:


Step # 11:

After 4 hours, the services and applications are provisioned. You can see the blue, orange, green, purple and black links below. Word, Excel, SharePoint, One Drive, Sway all are provisioned.

Now as a System Administrator, you would need to go to the Admin link and explore more.

This is the end of Episode 001, I will discuss the Admin Portal and its dashboard next time 🙂 stay tuned.


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