Cannot access Netflix on Google Chrome – nacl64 Application not deleting

Last night I wasn’t able to access my Netflix on Google Chrome, and it was acting funny so I decided to reinstall my Chrome version 44.

I followed below steps:

  • Uninstall Chrome
  • Delete the Chrome Folder ( depending on your OS, in Windows 8.1 this is in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome) folder path
  • If you face difficulty in deleting the Chrome Folder then check your Task Manager, and delete all the Service running under Google Chrome. I had Google Drive running, so I had to uninstall it also, and the Google updates. The application file nacl64 seemed like a bug or a naughty file, as it wasn’t deleting from my hard disk so I deleted all Google related services, uninstall the products and re check in the Services console if any job is scheduled to run later. This Services Console you can access from the Start Menu, just click Start and type Services – you will see ” View Local Services” option. Click that one & check Name and Startup Type. Disable all Google related services
  • Re start the machine
  • Install Google Chrome again
  • It should work fine

And if it doesn’t, do drop me a message :). Best of luck.

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