COVID – 19 – Crisis Communication – Power App for Company Employees

Yesterday Microsoft announced Power App template for Crisis Management that any organisation can use for managing Crisis with in the organisation.

For COVID-19 emergency, organisation can use this Power App to engage employees for their well being.

It can also be used for:

  • Bush Fire Emergency
  • Schools and Day Care Shut down
  • Road Closures
  • Hospital Emergency / Quarantine
  • Animal and Plant Disease
  • Utility Outages
  • High Alert Situations

Key features of the app:

  • Employees can report their work status (e.g., working from home) and make requests. This helps managers coordinate across their teams and helps central response teams track status across an organization.
  • Admins can use the app to push news, updates, and content specific to their organization, and can provide emergency contacts specific to different locations.
  • The app includes the ability to add RSS feeds of up-to-date information from reputable sources such as WHO, CDC, or a local authority.Reference

I quickly created and tested the app, and it worked out pretty good. Seems neat, clean and extendable. This is a very good solution for organisations dealing in Emergency Services Area.

Analysis and Screenshots of the App:

As Microsoft has provided guidelines on how to use this template, so in this example I have just picked up the template and used it for my example of Crisis Management – COVID – 19.

1 – This Power App comes with a User and an Admin Crisis Communication App. The Admin App is used to push notifications and manage admin settings.

You will use Teams Admin rights if you want to embed this app in Teams. You can also embed Power BI Dashboard in Teams to get a high level analytics of employees behavior around this emergency.


2 – The Crisis Communication app looks like as below. In this app user can share status of their presence (if they are working from home or which office address location), make a request (medicines, food supplies, hand sanitisers), read company news and gov agencies updates, go through health advice and threat level.


3. I have embedded this app in MS Teams as a custom app from my System Admin access rights. Similarly, you can embed Power BI dashboard on MS Teams. In this way Emergency Services Team can monitor this dashboard in the Emergency Control Room.


Complete instructions to configure this app ->

Let’s see how one can share the status, from which location they are working:

User Screen # 001:


User Screen # 002 – Share Status:


User Screen # 003 – Working from home on the dates selected (highlighted in blue)


User Screen # 004 – Share the status with Team


User Screen  # 005 – Set auto reply



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