Power Apps – How to create environment?

An environment provides storage for apps, flows, data, and various other resources. When users create an app in an environment, that app can connect to any data source, including connections, gateways, and flows.


In the Power Platform admin portal, you can now create environments for your Power Apps. We can also create environments from D365 admin portal.

In this blog i will show you, how you can create a new environment for your Power Apps and create a database for it.


Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan and at least 1GB of Capacity. You can check your database capacity from here https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/analytics/capacity


1 – Login to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com and click “New Environment”


2 – A new screen will pop up. Give your environment a meaning full name and select a type (Sandbox, Production,Trial).

3 – If you want to Create a database toggle the option to “Yes”. You can create your own entities in this new database


4 – Select English as your language and AUD $ as your currency. This cannot be changed later. Power App will use the default language and currency in the apps.

If you want to enable Dynamics 365 apps, select Yes. By selecting Yes, your environment can access all the Dynamics 365 apps installed as part of your subscription (Customer Service, Sales, Field Services, Marketing)



5 – Click Save

6 – Your environment is created

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