How to create a Knowledge Article in Dynamics 365?

Knowledge articles can address any number of issues your customers encounter while using your organization’s product or services. Types of Knowledge articles can include solutions to common issues, product or feature documentation, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), product briefs, and more. You can use the rich text editor to create knowledge articles, format your content or embed videos and images.

In this blog, I will discuss on how you can create a Knowledge Article in Dynamics 365. I am taking Water Council’s Call Center example. Consider you are responsible for managing the Knowledge Articles for the Call Center Agents or Case Officers for a Council. You need to manage up to date documentation. You will manage the Knowledge Articles as below in Dynamics 365:

The knowledge articles business logic is

You can write Knowledge article as below:

1 – Open your Dynamics 365 environment and click Service -> Knowledge Article

2 – As soon as you click this, you will see a message window and a new tab – as follows. The tab will give you the Knowledge Article in the new Customer Service Hub.


3 – Now, click new and write a fresh knowledge article. Click Save then.

4 – Now, approve and publish the article if you are the reviewer and you are happy with the content.

5 – Now that the article is published, check in the case entity if it is coming as a search for the call centre agent?

The case will pick the article, from the keywords and the title of the article. The article is coming on the case dashboard, on the right hand side.

In this way, you can quickly create Knowledge Article for your Business, this is very helpful as it provides you a central repository for accessing knowledge base for internal staff and customers.


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