How to use one field across different entities – Global Option Set in Dynamics 365

If you have to create a custom field for an entity in Dynamics 365, and use it for several other entities then you can use Global Option Sets.

This concept is similar to a SharePoint Site Column – if you know SharePoint.

For example, there is an entity called “Birth Mother” and there is a field in this entity, which is called “Blood Type” – which has different blood types as option sets A,B,B+ for the mother. We need this to capture mother’s blood types in the patients database.

Now for example, you have another entity called “Child”, and you want to use “Blood Type” field with the same option sets A,B,B+. So, instead of creating a new field, you can use Birth Mother’s entity field “Blood Type” in this scenario. Why create two fields, with the same purpose.

Please note that we are not creating a relationship to do this, we are simply using fields.

So you can create a new Global Option Set in Dynamics 365 by selecting:

Settings -> Customization -> Customize the system -> Option Sets (under entities – when its collapsed) -> New

Create a new option set here.

Now, in the Birth Mother entity, you can create a new Option Set field, name it and when it ask if to use New or Existing – you can pick up Existing one. Like below and select your Global Option Set here.


In this way, you dont have to create same field, for every entity. Thank you for reading my blog.

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