How to book a patient for Doctor’s appointment and write Clinical notes in Dynamics 365?

One of the Medical Doctor in Victoria wanted a solution for his business, he wanted a CRM and Clinical Software for his business. We designed D365 system for the clinic. Below is one case scenario, that can be cater for any business – but in this example, I am talking about appointments and writing clinical notes in dynamics 365 – specific for Medical Clinic service.

In Dynamics 365, you can book customer appointments and that will create an appointment entry in the Outlook calendar. In this scenario Patient is the customer, and you are a Doctor or a Medical Administrator / Receptionist. And you have Dynamics 365 running as your Clinic CRM.

The receptionist will book the patient as below:

1 – Create an appointment from the Patients database page by clicking the three dots under the Activities

Note: Patients database is your customer page in the CRM

In the “Notes” section you can write Clinical Notes. Or you can use “One Note” to write your Clinical Notes with date and time stamp.



2 – Now a new window will open, fill the details. Sumayya Aslam is a patient in this case, and she has an appointment with the Doctor (Doctor in this case is also Sumayya Aslam). In the required field, you can add more than one person. You can add a patient or a doctor or a panel of doctors.

Give the appointment a Subject, Location and Regarding. Regarding could be your patient’s name or a Medical File Case. In this case, it is the Patient’s name.


3 – Now scroll down on the same page and set the meeting date and time.


4 – Now, on the same page Click Save (on the top left)


As soon as you click Save, an email invite will go to the Patient and then the patient can rsvp for the appointment. The response will come to you (Receptionist and Dr) via email, and your calendar will be updated.

This is snap shot of my gmail account, on which I received the booking email from the Clinic

This is handy and useful if you are managing a large number of patients and you can manage the appointments.

Imagine 20 Doctors at Warnambool Medical One clinic, with more than 2000 patients, and as a receptionist you need to book 15 minutes for patients.

5 – This will create an appointment entry on the Patients page (Customer page in Dynamics 365)


6 – After 15 or 30 minutes (depending on your Dynamics 365 synchronization setting) the appointment will show up in your outlook calendar. This will also come in Doctors calendar and patients email calendar, as patient will receive an appointment email. Patient can accept or reject the invite, and this will automatically update your calendar.





The benefit of doing this is that, all the patients appointments and clinical notes are on a single page in Dynamics 365.

Disclaimer:  Warnambool Medical One clinic is used as an example here

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