Can you disable the “File” tab in the chat window of Microsoft Teams?

No, you can’t. Once you activate Teams, your team members can see the File tab option in the Teams chat window.

SharePoint content management is a challenge, because what you design and configure will impact your user productivity. As soon as users can find the document easily, they can start working on it quickly. This is common sense. At times, users are searching for their documents in a different library or a different subsite – which makes it harder for a Content Manager to explain users the back ground technical story. Sometimes users like to navigate to the documents and not search – and there is a confusion if the link or document is moved from there.

There are different ways to find your documents, but the easiest way, that most users like, is to navigate to their documents – just like file explorer.

When we talk about managing content then accidentally users and teams, can start storing their documents in ” Microsoft Teams” (under the file tab) and might search for their documents in some other location in SharePoint. This is not ideal for large organisations, as then organisations can lose control of information architecture and document management. As a content manager – this could be a nightmare, when your users cannot find documents and there is a chaos in the department.

So to avoid this, we can use Skype for Business or tell users not to use File Tab in Microsoft Teams chat window.


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