Talent App Trial is for 60 Days in Dynamics 365

Talent is an App in Dynamics 365, that covers the Employee Attract, On boarding and Core HR processes for the Business. And Dynamics 365 is an end to end business automation software in the cloud by Microsoft.

The best thing about Talent App, is that its easy to configure, and challenging thing about this app is that, one has to purchase its licenses through a Microsoft Partner. Microsoft customers cannot buy licenses directly.

Well, I created a trial subscription for the Talent App in Dynamics 365 and after some days, my test data disappeared. I did some digging and got to know that, there is a 60 days trial period for the Talent App in Dynamics 365 and after that, you either purchase the App or your test data will be deleted. I didn’t focus on the trial days, and unfortunately my test data got deleted.

Never mind, I created another Trial subscription for the Talent app, and to make sure that I dont lose data this time – I made backup copies of my workflows and content.

On Microsoft’s website, the definition of the Trial period for the Talent App in Dynamics 365 is:

Trial Service Specific Terms for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

These terms supplement the applicable terms in Part I above.

1. Trial Period. Subject to Section 2, Customer may use this Trial Service for a period of 60 days from the date when Customer is first given access to it, solely with demonstration data provided by Microsoft or Customer through Customer’s use of this Trial Service, until the Agreement or Customer’s right to access this Trial Service is terminated. If Customer has included “live” or production Customer Data in its instance of this Trial Service, Microsoft will delete such data as set forth in Section 5.5 of Part I above.

Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/legal/slt-dynamics365-viraltrial


If you want to create a trial subscription, make sure you copy your data before the 60 days end.  Simply copy paste content in MS Word and make screen videos, if you are configuring the workflows. This is the simplest form of backup. Else you would need to re-do it again, like me 🙂

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