Creating Apps in Dynamics 365

You can create Apps in Dynamics 365 and manage the user permissions. For example, if you want to give your Sales Team access to only Customer and Contacts, then you can create a “Customer App” and give access to the Sales Team only. But the question is how would you create an app and how would you manage permissions for that app?

You can create Apps in Dynamics 365 and also manage the permissions. I prefer Apps over the web interface, because user gets same unified experience on the mobile and tablet – so why not have the same experience on Desktop also. I find unified experience, far more better than the web interface.

You can see the “My Apps” option under, Settings -> Applications -> My App. Just in case, if you cannot see the option – you can always edit the Site Map and add this url after your instance address “/tools/AppModuleContainer/applandingtilepage.aspx” as a Sub-Area in your Site Map, under Settings -> Applications.

When you open “My Apps”, you can create new apps, manage permissions and edit apps in the app designer.






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