How to hide a button in the top ribbon in Dynamics 365 Sales Hub?

Sales Hub is an app of Dynamics 365, where you can see your Customers, Contacts, Lead, Opportunities and other Sales activity. If a user has access to the Sales Hub, then they can experience the modern view of the Dynamics 365 application.

If you want to hide or un-hide any button or label, on the top ribbon – you can use the same “Ribbon Workbench” from the website ->, and then:

1 – Download the solution ” Ribbon Workbench”
2 – See the helpful video by Scott Durow
3 – Import the solution in Dynamics 365 and then publish it
4 – Create a new solution, say “XYZ” and add existing “Sales” entity

we are adding Sales, because we want to hide a button on the Opportunity form page, say “Recalculate Opportunity”

5 – Now, when you refresh the page of Solutions – you will see the Ribbon Workbench solution on the top bar. Click it, and load the solution

6 – Under Form, locate the label or the button that you want to hide, and then right click it and click Hide, Voila – its done!
7 – Publish the customisations and go back to the Opportunity Form
8 – The button “Recalculate opportunity”, should be gone
9 – The end.


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