How to add a Calendar Web part from one Subsite to another SharePoint Team Site?

This blog is about adding a Calendar App as a web part in a SharePoint Site, when the Calendar app is on another subsite. For example you have a Meetings calendar on Subsite A and you want to access the Meetings calendar on the team site. In this scenario, you can follow below steps:


1 – Open the Meeting’s Calendar in browser, Internet Explorer using your Admin credentials



2 – Now, edit the Calendar app in SharePoint designer








3 – SharePoint designer will open


4 – Click Site Pages and then create a Web Part page, Full page, Vertical. Name the page as Calendar.aspx


5 – Now, edit the Calendar.aspx page in Advanced Mode



6 – The aspx page will open in edit mode, and the cursor will be on line 30. You need to add the Calendar app here, so note the line number or the Place holder lines of code.





7 – Now, Click “Insert” and click “Data View” and select your Calendar app.




In case the Data View option is greyed out, then Click Edit and then Parse HTML.




8 – After you have added the Calendar app in the page, save the page in the Site Gallery. Click the code, where you added the Calendar app, and then WEB PART -> To Site Gallery.


It will open another box, read it and then press Yes.




9 – All done now. You can see this Calendar webpart under Miscellaneous section.


10 – Create a test page, edit the page, and insert a web part. You will see your calendar web part under Miscellaneous.



Happy SharePointing..

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