How to set Picture slide show Web part on a SharePoint online page?

If you want to add a Picture slide show, on a SharePoint online page, then you can follow below instruction.

Let’s call the SharePoint site name as Make sure you have the Site admin rights to run below.

1 – Download latest version of the SharePoint Online Management Shell. Download link -> Click Here

2 – Connect to your SharePoint Online tenant within PowerShell session

$creds = Get-Credential
Connect-SPOService -Url -Credential $creds

3 –  Enable Public CDN in the tenant (Reference : What is CDN?)

Set-SPOTenant -PublicCdnEnabled $true

if it is already True, then it means that CDN is  already enabled in your organisation. Then, leave this step and follow step number 4.

4 – Add CDN origin, where you will keep your pictures for slide show. I am keeping the pictures in the Picture Library. Add this Picture Library in the Content Delivery Network:

New-SPOPublicCdnOrigin -Url “”

5 – It will take 15 minutes to reflect the changes in your environment.

Now, add the Picture web part on the SharePoint’s page as follows:

1 – Edit the page, where you want to add the Picture slide show

2 – Insert a web part

3 – Go to Media and Content and then select Picture Library Slideshow Web Part

4 – Edit this web part, and select the “Picture Library”, that you added as CDN origin previously

Library slideshow

5 – Click Ok and then save and publish the page

6 – You will see the Picture slide show on the web page.

You can edit the web part after, and change other details as well like:

  • Duration to view picture
  • Library view
  • Picture display mode
  • Display with

Thanks for reading.

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