Why Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Technical Support Model doesn’t work?

Microsoft has a Support Model for Dynamics 365 and if there is any issue that the customer needs support they can contact Microsoft, but unfortunately the model is very complex and doesn’t work all the time for me. Most of the Microsoft Dynamics Support Links, Telephone Numbers and Chat options doesn’t resolve the issue. There is a separate Department that handles Dynamics Support Tickets and reaching them directly is very challenging. I have been lucky few times but most of the times have been struggling.

If you have to log a Dynamics 365 Ticket, this could be done:

1 – Log a Ticket in the Office 365 Admin Portal, which means you need to be a Global Admin of your Company

2 – Wait for a Office 365 Support Representative to call you, they will call with in 10 minutes

3 – Office 365 Support Representative will route you to a new page to seek help from there as Dynamics Support is handled by different department. The link they would share is:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/dynamics365/support which has different support options

4 – The Dynamics Support Page has 4 options for Customers, but unfortunately none of these work most of the time:

  • Sending a request to Dynamics Team to Contact you, you can fill a form several times but its hard that you will receive any call
  • Chat option – the Chat option is actually quite nice but unfortunately they dont have Technical Resources or Ticketing System that they can assist with so this is also not an option
  • Giving a call on 1800-765-138, this number doesn’t work 100% or even if you are lucky enough to get in touch with a person, you will be routed to a new number, for Australian Support may be 131630 or 02 82239959, and the support representative will route you to the same page https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/dynamics365/contact-us
  • Other Popular Resources are Internet Search, Microsoft Dynamics Community which works for me most of the time, as Microsoft Community is very strong and they have answers to most of the question

5 – Recently I have been advised to use these links and for logging a ticket I need to have Microsoft Partner ID and Software Assurance ID and I have none. The link is https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/assistedsupportproducts OR www.support.microsoft.com/oas. And even if I have the IDs I cannot log in to the portal because it doesn’t work with Office 365 credentials, works fine with the live or hotmail.com personal id.

The Microsoft Dynamics Support Model is complex and doesn’t work unfortunately, every one is just routing phone calls and emails & doing follow ups.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ideal Product for a Business who wants to run their business efficiently and economically, but I find it hard to get hold of Microsoft Support System. There could be several reasons for that, Dynamics 365 is a new Product and expertise are being built in the IT World, Customers are in the process of Digital Transformation and they need support to change, in Dynamics 365 specially in PSA – there are few things that needs support and clarity and Dynamics Resources around the world are doing a great job in writing blogs & helping the community, But there are certain Subscription related and new updates related Technical issue that needs Microsoft Support, which is lacking at the moment. In my opinion if Microsoft has outsourced the Dynamics Support System then they should have a Direct Help desk Number or a Ticketing Portal from where Admins can log a ticket in a simple manner.

I hope that Microsoft may improve the support model for their customers in future for Dynamics 365.



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