How to delete Sample Data from Dynamics 365?

This post details how you can delete Sample Data from Dynamics 365, when you activate its license in your Office 365 Subscription.

1 – Log in to your Office 365 Admin Portal (

2 – Go to your Dynamics 365 App (

3 – Now, under Settings -> Systems -> Data Management ->Sample Data. Click “Remove Sample Data” and Close. It should delete your data

The End.


4 – If it doesn’t work, then you need to reset your Dynamics 365 Instance. This is a known Microsoft Issue, and specially if you are using Field Services Module

5 – Go to your Dynamics 365 Admin Page, and change the Type of this instance to “Sand boxed”

6 – Now, on the right side of this instance there is an option of reset, use that to reset the instance.

7 – Install the solution that you want Sales, Services and Project Services.  (If you select Field Services, the Sample Data might come again and there is no way to delete that)

8 – Resetting your instance will delete all the data and customization, so ensure that there isn’t any live data and customization

9 – You can change the Instance type of your Dynamics 365 Instance as Production and start using the system with your production data

The End.


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