How to associate a Parent Company with a Customer in Dynamics 365?

When you are creating a new Customer in Dynamics 365 CRM, and if you want to associate its Parent Company then you can follow below steps,

1 – Log in to your page and click your company app.

2 – Then you would need to click Sales then Accounts, and Create a new account.

3 – Create Parent Company  and define the Relationship as Customer. In this example Department of Education and Training is my test customer and a Parent Company. Click Save and Close now

4 – Now, create a new Child Company in a similar manner but define name of the Parent Company in the Customer page and associate with it, under Parent Account. Click Save and Close

5 – Define other details if you want to.

I have created an example using Department of Education and Training as Parent Company and Victorian School Building Authority as child Customer. These are my test customers.


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