SharePoint Online – New Communication Sites Review


So I have tested the new Communication Site in SharePoint Online which is pretty good. It has nice images, content editing features and most of all the Hero Web Part which is a way to editing page layout and inserting images. All these features are already in a team site, Microsoft has consolidated these features in a new web part and named it as “Hero Web Part”. I tested the new Communication Site to be the face of my Collaboration Platform and from where users can navigate to different sites and team sites, but unfortunately I couldn’t keep the branding and look & feel the same as it is. In Team Site I am using the Built in “Change the Look” feature, while in Communication Site this is entirely different so if a user navigates from Communication Site to a Team Site the branding is lost for me and I cant keep the scheme same, if I am using Microsoft features and no other customisation / Master Pages Layouts.

I might be still using my Team Site as the Top Level Collaboration Site to keep branding and layout same throughout my SharePoint Product.

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