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On my flight from USA airport someone accompanying me in plane asked me what is C# and .NET jargon that we listen all the time, and I never understand the difference between jQuery and Java Script ..They seem like cousins– so here is a small blog for my plane friend.

So, Microsoft created .NET Framework in February 2002, and this became very popular amongst C Developers and Java Developers as this platform provided a base for both languages developer to code with ease. C# and VB.NET are the most popular languages on .NET Framework and is widely used in Microsoft Products.

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft that is an initiative on a .NET Platform, it is elegant and case sensitive language that enables developers to build a variety of applications.

VB.NET is also a .NET Platform programming language which is an Object Oriented Programming language and it is not case sensitive, Microsoft launched it in 2002 as a successor of Visual Basic.

Both C# and VB.NET are strong and powerful languages, C# is bend towards some powerful features like handling unmanaged code and VB.NET is more towards ease in use like Late Binding. C# is case sensitive and VB.NET is not case sensitive, there are no major differences between the languages but I use C# more than VB.NET.

JQuery is a library of JavaScript and is widely used for Web Based Applications for using client side apps as it is comparatively easy to use. JQuery is executed on the Client side like HTML5, CSS and Java Script. Angular JS and JavaScript are client side scripting languages and they make interactive websites. I make SharePoint Online Apps on JavaScript.

HTML5, CSS executes on the Client side and is responsible for the work that is done in a browser by a user. We make websites in HTML and use CSS as a format, everything that a user’s sees on the browser is a mixture of these.

PHP is a free open source scripting language for making interactive and dynamic web pages. ASP.NET is Microsoft server side web application framework which is used for dynamic web development.

Now there is Bootstrap which is a front end framework and is used for developing responsive mobile first websites that is intelligent enough to display websites on any machine depending upon the screen size and format. This library is widely used in C# applications.

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