“Save Site as Template” Option not visible in SharePoint Site Settings

I was working for  a customer on a SharePoint migration Project from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online, and the feature of “Save Site as Template” was missing. And because of this I couldn’t save the site as template and use it with content in my other Office 365 tenant.

following below procedure I was able to get my “Save Site as Template” option back in “Site Settings”

  1. Sign in to Office 365 Admin Portal
  2. Open SharePoint Online Admin Portal
  3. Go to Settings on the Left Panel of the Admin Portal001
  4. Scroll Down to “Custom Script”002
  5. Check “ Allow users to run custom script on personal site” and “Allow users to run custom script on self-service created sites”
  6. Wait for 24 Hours
  7. After 24 Hours, you can check and “Save Site as Template” option will come under Site Settings in SharePoint Site Collections003
  8. Task is done




If in case you are using SharePoint Online and your time Zone is not set, make sure it is set.As at times Changes are not pushed to the Portal and are delays because of the Time Zone.

Microsoft Reference Link:




2 thoughts on ““Save Site as Template” Option not visible in SharePoint Site Settings

  1. Does the method you describe of saving site as template work for publishing sites? I’ve seen other methods of trying to save a site as a template but the comments say they run into problems on the new site that was created from a template based on a publishing site.


    1. Hi Ken, I have tried for the Team Site, it should work fine for the Publishing Site as well. The running into problems could be because of the SharePoint Version difference, for example if you save a site as template of SharePoint 2010 and try to upload it in SharePoint Online – It wont work. For a simple site, it works. Just check if it has some customization, workflows or any other dependency.


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