Contract Management System in SharePoint?

Business often requires to produce Contracts or Proposals for the customer, in which there is a template and Sales Representatives just need to fill in few fields and prepare the document for the customer. This can be done in SharePoint, and I have explained it below using SharePoint on premises version. This can be done in 2010 or 2013, I tried in 2010 version. This is a very informative blog that I am sharing.

What if when you open SharePoint Library and click on “New Document”, few fields should come and when you fill the fields, you have your Contract ready in Word format with the automatically updated field’s data that you inputted initially. Yes this is possible using “Content Type Method” and “Quick Parts of Microsoft Word”.

The person deploying this solution should have SharePoint Skills  (Intermediate Level) and very good knowledge of the Technical environment and Business Process. While reading the steps, you might get confused, so take few minutes to digest the information and I recommend you to take a cup of coffee while you read this.

We can follow below procedure and can make our Contract Management System in SharePoint:

This will guide you end to end process with screen shots.

Lets get started.

  1. Make sure you have the site collection admin rights
  2. I am doing it in SharePoint 2010 with Site Admin Level
  3. Create a Document Set Content Type
    • Click Site Actions on the top left, now click Site Settings. Under Galleries you will see Site Content Types Option, click that
    • Click create at the top left side and make a new Content Type
    • Name this new content type, “Contract Proposal Folder”.
    • Select “Document Set Content Types” from the “Parent Content Type From”
    • Select “Document Set” from the “Parent Content Type”
    • Click Ok (As below) . Please click on the pictures to view it enlarge.003
    • After you press Ok button, you will see the properties of this Content Type. Stay on this page
    • Now, see the Columns Section down
    • Click on Add From New Site column Link (as below)
    • 004Make a new Column and name it as “Customer_Name”
    • You might need to make few more Site Columns afterwards, this will be required to associate it with your Library. For ease we are making one Site Column now, Customer_Name
    • Under this new Site Content Type “Contract Proposal Folder”, go to its property page
    • Click “Document Set Settings”  upload the Word Template under “Default Content”. This is the word template that you want to use, snapshot as below.
    • 006
    • Now upload the template
    • Under Shared Columns, check mark the Customer_Name site column
    • Under Welcome Page Columns, add the Customer_Name Site Column as well
    • Press Ok now
  4. Make a fresh document library
    • Click Site Actions -> View all Site Contents -> Create -> Library -> Document Library. Give your library name as ” Contract Management”
    • Go to Library Settings of this Library now
    • Click Advanced Setting
    • Under Content Types, at the top -> Change the Setting as  “Yes” for Allow management of content types (snap shot as below)
    • 008
    • Press Ok
    • Now, you can see the “Content Type” option in the Library Settings as below:
    • 009
    • Click “Add from existing site contents”
    • On the left side you can see your Content Type that you made, add that ” Contract Proposal Folder” and press Ok
    • Now, go back to your Library, and add a new record
    • Click Document -> New Document and then click Contract Proposal Folder. You will see below window
    • 012
    • Sales Guys or anyone who wants to draft a Contract will fill in this window only, and word document will automatically be generated. Managers can then take a print out, sign and send to the customer.
    • Fill in above details and press Ok
    • You will see a new record in the form of a folder, as below
    • 013
    • Download the copy of the document on your machine as follows
    • 014
    • Now, download the copy on your hard drive and open it
    • Enable Editing
    • Go to “Insert -> Quick Parts -> Document Property -> Customer_Name”. Click it and add it, as below
    • 015
    • Now, after clicking the “Customer_Name” you will see below, this Site Column Data will be automatically populated in the document.
    • 016
    • Now save the document on your hard drive and give it a name as “Template 0.1”
    • Now, upload this Template 0.1 in the “Contract Proposal Folder” Content Type. Replace the old one now.
    • Now, go back to the Library ” Contract Management” and add a new Document
    • After filling the document, if you now open the document you will see the Customer Name on the place where you inserted it (using Quick Parts) as below
    • 017
  5. You can add more Site Columns as per your document and template requirement and then inserting those in the document by downloading the copy and inserting inside as Quick Part, and then uploading again
  6. Repeat this process if you want to add any new field in the document, it will eventually go as a Site Column
  7. Your neat and clean Contract is automatically drafted in the library as a word document and all the detail is captured in the library in rows and columns. Isn’t it cool.

Enjoy SharePointing and drop me a message if you come across any issue, happy to help.

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