VMware NSX 6.1

There is a new product in town for me which is VM ware NSX 6.1 and I am attending its training in Sydney City. This is a Software Defined Networking System which is an evolution to the traditional Networking in the Physical World.

In real world, IT Systems are running on the Physical Machines in the Physical Data Centers. Now there is a cool concept of “Virtualization” . There are Software Defined Data Centre Products like VM ware VSphere (VCentre) which you can install on your IBM Blade Server or HP Servers, and can run 1000’s of Virtual Machines on it.

The VM ware NSX 6.1 is a module in the VSphere (VCentre) that you install and can design and run your networks from there. I am attending its training these days, and the way it works is that if you have VSphere running on your Servers then you can install another plugin which is NSX 6.1.

After installing this plugin in your VCentre (which is a VM ware Product for Data Centres) you can configure and run your network from this interface – NSX  Manager. For NSX 6.1 to run you must have VSphere installed in your environment. NSX 6.1 is the product name and NSX Manager is the interface name (User Interface).

There is a concept of Distributed Switches, Distributed Routers, NSX Gateway Edge. These Services reside in the NSX Product and we can configure these Switches and Routers with a click of few buttons. The NSX Gateway Edge is a combo and it has below services in it:

  • Firewall and Security Policies
  • Load Balancer
  • DHCP Server
  • VPN Server
  • SSL Modes

So it means that if you have a data centre with 2 Hosts ( Blade Servers for example) then you would need only 2 Physical Routers to communicate to each other and to the External World. Inside the 2 Hosts there are thousands of VMs running, which is each a machine or server, there will be 1 Physical Router in between the Physical Host and 1 router to communicate to the Internet or External Network.

And then there is a concept of High Availability and vMotion. HA (High Availability) is simply the Switches, Routers, NSX Edge Gateway are highly available (with in seconds) and it runs in the VM Kernel ( which is inside the Host because of the Hypervisor installed).

vMotion is moving VMs between Hosts on Live and with zero down time. There could be a drop of 3 ping messages but the user’s session wont be disconnected. It means we can move live servers from 1 Host to another, regardless if they are in any geographical location.

The Product is quite simple, if you have the core network knowledge ( Engineer Level or CCNA Level), it is easier for you to understand the product. The protocols and topologies are all same, its just the new way of doing work in Networking Area. Now the Servers can be made with in few minutes rather than hours or days.

Tomorrow is the last day of this training in Sydney and then I plan to give its exam next month, hopefully I clear it. Wish me luck 🙂

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