The World is Flat – Internet of Your Things

Do you think one day you wont require a visa to travel to any country or a planet? On a single click you will be present in USA, Germany or even Mars….yes that could happen and its not far. I am introducing a concept ” The world is flat”, where you will be able to travel anywhere in the world / solar system without visa or traveling distance, does it make sense?

Today I attended Microsoft TechNet Update on Internet of Things, this is the hot term these days. So what is Internet of Things? in simple words ” Every material (living or non living being) can be attached to internet and can be controlled”, for example I can attach my coffee machine from internet, and set the alarm everyday at 7:00am make cappuccino for me with 1 tea spoon of sugar, I can command my toaster to toast me 2 slices of bread, I can ask my machine to boil me 2 eggs – anything can be done from anywhere with any device. Isnt it a cool idea?

It is not a fantasy, its a reality which we are implementing now in the world, Microsoft Internet of Things is an Azure based concept through which machines can be pro grammatically controlled and data can be generated by the machine. This data can be used in real time analysis and perform actions, we can control airplanes by IoT by which the incident probability can be minimized. If we have the real time data available, we can perform better and can avoid the catastrophic incidents like MH370 .

In the seminar Lee Hickin – IoT Commercial Lead, Microsoft Australia discussed about the IoT (Internet of things) and how IT professionals can implement it.

We also witnessed the Raspberry Pie programming with Visual Studio attached with light sensors and controllers. This reminded me of my days when we used to do Micro Processors and IC’s programming, our famous 555 timer.

You can check the below reference link for this:

The concept is very simple and extremely useful, where we can put a chip or RF ID type hardware device on a material and record its activity and generate useful data. We can attach the device to the cattle’s and record their movement and control them, we can have auto driven cars – thank God I wont need a driving license then, we can fly marty’s hoverboard, we can attach sensor devices to babies so that we know when they are hungry, what is the temperature, blood pressure of the baby, a magical dress can be designed where moms dont have to change baby’s clothes or virtual day care centre can be designed in home and mom can be virtually present with the baby. I think so wonders can be done.

A really nice article by BBC was published that I am sharing on my blog so as to give you an idea that what can happen in 150 years ahead –

I will write more about this in future, no doubt this is extremely useful thing but it might have some health issues on people’s life that I need to research on.

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