Download your own facebook data in Excel

This post is regarding the Excel 2013 and Facebook data, we are continuously updating our facebook, and do you know where is your data going? Do you have any backup or a copy of the posts that you make or comment or movie you watch or check-in statuses? So why not keep a backup of your data in a refined manner in Excel, and with Power BI feature you can do analysis on your own facebook data.

So let’s get started, with the Power Query strong capability you can download your facebook data in excel sheet. To be able to get this, all you need is below:

  1. Internet Connection
  2. Facebook account with id and password
  3. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, Office 365 ProPlus or Excel 2013 Standalone
  4. Microsoft Power Query for Excel requires Internet Explorer 9 or greater

Yes, this post is about “POWER QUERY”.

Microsoft Power Query for Excel is available for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) platforms, your selection must match architecture of the installed version of Office.

So we have all the pre requisite and what to do now?

  1. First download the Power Query (search from google and install)
  2. Run and install it (2 files run and install exe files)
  3. Enable Power Query in Excel, go to File -> Options -> Add -Ins -> Com Add-Ins (under Manage) and Press “Go”
  4. Check the Microsoft Power Query for Excel check box
  5. Press Ok
  6. You will see the Power Query tab in your Excel


Now you need to click the tab and from the “From Other Sources” option click the “From Facebook”, like below


Now a dialogue box will open, you would need to input your facebook id and top secret password in it to get the required data, select the connection that which data you want to get. In this example we will get “Book” and press “Ok”. You will see a table in a Query Editor Screen with the names of Books you have read and included on facebook like below.



In this way, you can attach your excel with facebook and download all the data as listed in the “Connection”, drop down. Save the file and keep it in your hard disk as your facebook data backup copy.

When you open this excel and refresh the screen, it will get you the latest data from your facebook website, its real time intelligent Power Query.

Enjoy and do update me if you come across any difficulty.

Microsoft Reference:

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