Creating Multi Lingual Sites in SharePoint 2013

Today the topic I will be discussing is how to create multi lingual SharePoint sites? Its easy and needs configuration as below:

Creating SharePoint Site in multiple language has been a challenge, the best solution is to use SharePoint’s Publishing Portal Feature and make use of the Variation Concept.

Below steps can be followed if you want to make multiple site collections in different languages, but want to manage only Single Site Collection as an Administrator. This means, you will create only 1 site collection in English language, and after doing some configurations different site collections in different languages will be drafted. You would need to manage the content in only single site collection i.e. the English language one and others will be automatically updated.

1 – Make a new site collection using Publishing Portal Feature

2 – Give it a name ” English Site” – for testing purpose

3 – Then after the Site Collection is created, go to Site Settings and look for Variation Labels under Site Collection Administration

4 – Follow the steps in this link  to create a ” Source Site” and “target Site”. The Source site can be in English, and target can be defined in Chinese for example or Arabic.

5 – You need to create Labels, Create Hierarchies and then wait a little, as hierarchies takes sometime to create

6 – After you receive email, that hierarchies for the site has been created, which is your ” Target Site”  then your work is done

Now, all you need to do is to update and add content to your parent site which is in English, and all the structure will be copied to your other Target Sites. This depends on the settings that you will perform during configuration (in Point 4)

A point to note that if you upload any thing in English Site Collection, it will remain in English Language in the other two target site collections – Chinese and Arabic. You would need to upload contents in Chinese Language and Arabic Language in the two targeted site collections manually.

Its very easy and simple to create multi lingual site collections in SharePoint 2013, and it is easy for an administrator to manage a single site collection, and others just copied. Thank you

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