SharePoint and Crocodiles

Kakadu Crocodiles

Kakadu Crocodiles

I got my first SharePoint Job in Darwin in June 2014 when i moved from Karachi to Australia, so I decided to do some adventure. Darwin is a city in North of Australia, and it’s a 4 hour flight from Darwin to Singapore. Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory, Australia. Situated on the Timor Sea, Darwin is the largest city in the sparsely populated Northern Territory, with a population of 136,245. It is the smallest and most northerly of the Australian capital cities, and acts as the Top End‘s regional center. Darwin was originally a pioneer outpost. (Source:

Happy reading below……..
It was 1:30am 15 June 2014 when I landed in Darwin after a 4 hour flight from Sydney to Darwin, and 1 hour flight from Canberra to Sydney with 8 hours of wait as due to severe fogs all flights were cancelled from Canberra to Sydney. Any ways it was 1:30am in Darwin, and I had no idea what to do? For the first time I decided to jump to Darwin without booking my taxi, my hotel accommodation or anything. I was excited and wanted some adventure, so I took a cab to go to a nearby airport hotel. The cab driver was an Indian guy, very nice and he was surprised to see a desi girl so late in the night with no cab or hotel booking, and most of all she knew no one in Darwin…….exciting..isnt it?
The cab driver took me to nearby hotels, and there was no room available due to V8 racing, my bad luck! Then finally I got a room in a hotel and the taxi guy said to me while I was getting off “you are one crazy brave girl”, I looked at him, smiled and move inside the hotel.
The hotel “Best Western Hotel”, I got one room till 11:00am in the morning as it was booked by someone else and I had to leave before 11:00am. In the early morning I searched few places on and got few accommodations, but I had to take another hotel for a week so I moved to Rydges for a week, and the rent was 350 AUD per night only, I was drowned! Stayed in Rydges for 1 week and then moved to a House as tenant, and to my surprised my Nepali House Owner was showing me the house and he strictly said please make sure you close the doors, windows and bathroom doors always as sometimes snakes and frogs jump inside………WHAT ……Yes, snakes and frogs! My first animal experience in Darwin.
Then within 1 weeks’ time I moved in city area where there were no lizards, rats – like cat size, frogs, snakes just flying cockroaches, lizards and flying bugs.

Museum Snake at Jabiru

Museum Snake at Jabiru

In my 4 months period in Darwin I have seen many crocs (crocodiles), snakes, lizard..huh common thing, bugs, frogs, ants – who eat flesh, water snake, birds, big mosquitoes as I travel to Kakadu – Darwin’s Forest and we stayed overnight so I could see colour full lizards and snakes from my glass window in night. Litchfield Park, Mindil Beach, Nightcliff Beach, Darwin Botanic Garden, Crocosaurus Cove, Parap, Jabiru, Ubir Rock, Yellow Water Wetland Cruise and many many more….

The scariest one was the Kakdu trip and Yellow Water Wetland boat, unforgettable where we could see crocs sleeping in the water and we were passing on top of them and taking the photos.Crocodiles and Snakes are the largest predators in 117 reptiles’ species in Kakadu.

Ubir Rock Picture

Ubir Rock Picture

Darwin has 2 weather, dry season and wet season. Dry season is tolerable, but hot season is unbearable as it’s too hot with 99% humidity, it’s like walking in steam. You can have sun burn, black skin patches, your neck and face color will be totally different, and I couldn’t put sun block as it would come out because of humidity.

After 4 months of adventure, I came down to Sydney. But thanks to my first job in Australia, that I traveled and explored Darwin on my own…….I had great fun, made very good friends and Darwin is beautiful…


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