DataBase Retention Policy – Backup Data Aging

While doing data backups, we should keep in mind the ” Backup Data Retention Policy”, as if data keeps on backing up on the file system, it will occupy lot of space and in one point in time the “Backup will Fail”, like it happened with me.

Full data backup was failed and it was giving error that media space is not sufficient, then we defined our Backup Data Retention Policy so that after 2 complete sets of data the full backup data should be deleted. Like


Full Backup 1 – 1 August 2014

Full Backup 2 –  8 August 2014

Full Backup 3 – 15 August 2014

Full Backup 4 –  22 August 2014


On 22 August 2014, the Full Backup 1 will be deleted as system is maintaining last 2 cycle OR last 2 Full Data Backups.

It is very sensitive to define Data Aging, Storage Policy and Backup Data Retention Policy as slight mistake or error could loose useful data. When you do so, keep on monitoring the data and backups on regular basis, and try to restore it frequently for testing purpose.

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